Sign-up for the month and get a discount. 

Lessons are $32.95 per half hour and $64.95 per hour.  Four (30 min) lessons come to $131.80 a month, and four (1 hour) classes come to $259.80. Have more than one student? Great! Save 5% off your total bill.  

**If you're interested in taking 1 or 2 classes, call us for a session and pay per lesson.

**Pay per lesson rates are $34.95 per half hour, and $69.95 per hour.

Danny Faragher is a professional recording artists, specializing in both ukulele and harmonica, with an emphasis on Memphis blues.

Available Saturday.

Chad Watson is a multi-instrumentalist, session musician and recording artist. He teaches all ages and levels, specializes in guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and ukulele.  

Available Friday.

Piano & Voice Teachers

Our music lessons are offered 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (call for availability). Classes are all private, one-on-one with the instructor, focusing directly on what each individual student needs for learning music. Whether you are brand new to learning music, or if you are looking to sharpen your skills, we know that one of our teachers will fit your needs, and make the connection you're looking for.  

The start of your musical journey

​Ghiya Rushidat​ holds 3 degrees in piano performance and musicology. Ghiya began playing piano at the age of 4. She has played hundreds of concerts. Ghiya works well with young beginners to advanced students. She teaches both piano and vocal. She inspires her students to develop their talents. Available Monday

Matt Barreca graduated from Musician's Institute with a degree in Performance of Percussion. He works great with students of all ages and teaches beginning to advanced.    

Available Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Neil Rambaldi is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist from New Jersey. He has his bachelor's in Music from William Paterson University and teaches beginning to advanced students. Available on Tuesday.

Guitar & Voice Teachers

Shabnam Sarani works great with students of all ages. She is classical trained in piano and focuses on theory while inspiring her students to learn pop and modern songs. Available on Sunday.

Landon Melamed is a guitarist that has 10 years of experience playing and performing, and is also skilled in both music theory and reading. He teaches beginner and intermediate players.

​Although a great Jazz teacher, Landon can virtually teach any style of music. Available Thursday.

Violin, Voice Teachers & More

Scott Goldbaum is a performance based guitar and vocal instructor. He teaches intermediate to advanced and is also a mentor to many of his students. Scott specializes in songwriting and performance, and can take your playing to the next level. Available Monday & Wednesday. 

​​Learn guitar in 4 lessons!

At Guitar Merchant, our goal is to provide you with the best in music education at the best price.

We have over 15 teachers, all of them ready to take on new students, and gear the lessons towards your personal musical goals.  

Music Lessons are available to you 7 days a week.

We teach a variety of instruments, and all ages.

See our list of teachers below. 

Call us to schedule a lesson today, and get your 


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Molly Rogers is a professional violin and viola player, along with teaching voice and piano. She can guide you with sight reading, and theory, and teaches beginning to advanced. Available Monday.

Tony Nersisyan specializes in violin, viola and cello. He composes original music and teaches students of all ages and all levels.       

Available Sunday.

Nick Chamian teaches guitar, bass and drums. He works well with students of all ages and all levels, and can teach multiple genres. Nick is also our band coach specialist and can create you into a well-rounded musician. 

Available on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Emilio Palame has his bachelor's in music and has played piano professionally for 40+ years. He works best with advanced students who are focused, serious and passionate about the instrument. Available on Tuesday.

Adonai Vargas works great with kids. Good with beginning guitar players. Can also teach in Spanish and knows a variety of worship songs. Great to start you off with the fundamentals of simultaneous playing and singing as well as improvisation. Available Sunday through Wednesday.  

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Molly Rogers is a professional violin and viola player, along with teaching voice and piano. She can guide you with sight reading, and theory, and teaches beginning to advanced.      

Available Monday.


Intermediate Ukulele Classes are offered on Saturday from 2:30-3:30


Band coaching on Tuesday's & Thursday's with Nick Chamian. We form bands, or help to develop yours! In these sessions, bands meet once a week for an hour of instruction; learn cover songs, stage performance and write originals. Live performances on our stage are included in these sessions, cost is $20/student.



The classes offered below are one-on-one with the instructor, and will help anyone who is looking for a more, in depth type of instruction. These sessions are $75.00 per class, all advanced classes are 1 hour.

Songwriting & Artist Development: Take your original music to the next level with professional instruction and critique by Scott Goldbaum.

Drum Technique & Theory: Develop your skills and learn to understand the theory behind the drum set with Matt Barreca.


Drum Teachers

Weston Wilson ​has been playing music since age 5. Weston recently came to California from North Carolina where he had been teaching. Weston is great with students of all ages and skill levels. Weston also teaches songwriting and live performance skills. He's a wonderful and inspiring music instructor. Available Saturday

Ramon Blanco is from Granada Spain. He enrolled in the Music Conservatory in Granada where he studied music theory and classical guitar. His teaching abilities ranges from all styles of music: from Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Bossa-Nova, and Metal genres. Works great with students of all ages. Available Tuesday.

Nick Chamian teaches guitar, bass and drums. He works well with students of all ages and all levels, and can teach multiple genres. 

Available on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Wes Singerman has been playing for over 15 years, he takes his influence from classic rock but specializes in jazz and performance. Teaching beginning to advanced, and also does student prep for college and auditions. 

Available Thursday and Sunday.