​​Guitar Sales in West Hills

Guitar Merchant sells a variety of new and vintage acoustic and electric guitars, along with amps, effect pedals, strings, tuners, straps. Everything for the novice or pro guitar player.

​Out stock is always changing, so we invite you to stop by and check out our selection

We can also take your order and ship anywhere in the United States at great rates.

If you see something  you like, or have a request, call us at 818-884-5905 or email us at booking@guitarmerchant.com and we can process and ship your order quickly. 

We feature  hand-made Canadian guitars made by Godin. Come in and play a Simon & Patrick or an Art & Lutherie today, you will fall in love with them.   


We also have a variety of vintage guitars made by Fender, Gibson, Harmony and more. Check with us in store or by calling to see what models we have today. 


If you're looking for something new, bring us your unwanted instrument, we will value it and give you store credit towards a new guitar or bass. 

Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha APX 500-3  $295

Art & Lutherie Parlor    $459

Simon & Patrick Concert Hall CW  $659

Recording King   RO G6000    $299

1954 Martin  0028 Nylon   Call

La Patrie Etude Nylon   $399

​Dobro Slide Resonator  $1,895

Electric Guitars

1991 Fender Strat, Japan    $699

Bacchus Explorer, Japan    $995

2002 Fender Strat MIM     $459

Ibanez Roadstar 2, Japan   $599

Godin 5th Ave Archtop  $759

Fender P-Bass, 1982, Japan   $895

Fender J Bass, MIM     $695

Have a question on consignment or trade-ins? 

Send us a message by filling out the form on our contact page, or by giving us a call 818-884-5905.


The start of your musical journey

Amps, Pedals & Accessories

Fender Twin Reverb Custom 68   $979

65 Amps Marquee with Cab   $2,499

Eganter Tweaker 88 head  $459

Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed  $599

Boss Katana 50 combo   $229

​Fender Pro Jr, Blk   $299

We are authorized dealers for Godin Guitars, Orange Amps, Roland Amps, Boss Pedals, El Rey Effects Pedals, TC Electronics and more.


We can help you sell your guitar or bass. 

Bring us your instrument and we will value it for you, put it up in the store and sell it. We take 25% of the selling price.   ​